DevOps Engineer - Senior / Junior

Job description

Who are you?


An Engineer who is in love with working on the most challenging computational problems with the most advanced stack (CI/CD, MicroServices, ELK stack, , TICK stack, Kubernetes, IAAC, and more).

We are looking for talented and motivated DevOps Engineers to work on our server infrastructure focusing on performance, reliability, security, and scalability. You will also be responsible for ensuring that our various server systems and infrastructures remain stable, and continue being on the cutting edge. You will write tools and scripts to help you automate deployment, support and other necessary operations.

  • You are the kind of engineer that looks at tough or expensive challenges, and figures out ingenious solutions. Whether it’s Python, Bash or even Node, you use the best of many tools to achieve the results you need. If there’s no good way to do something, you create software to do it.
  • You’re not afraid of working in a large-scale setting, and can dig into the data if there’s any ad-hoc need for it.
  • You have some background in writing code, and can move into new languages if needed.
  • You are known for being dependable, a reliable problem solver, and being a tech detective. If something is broken you find it and fix it, aided by the structure you’ve set up.


Who are we?


We're a team of elite engineers, one of a kind in Egypt, and we're working on building highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence platforms in the field of marketing automation. Our team has won several awards and were mentioned in the world's biggest publications such as Forbes, TechCrunch, and more. 

We are on a mission to make the internet a better place by fixing the way marketing works, and together we're conquering the commit at a time!


Why work with us?


Because we put people first!


Some of the benefits of working in Cognitev:

  • Global company with offices around the world (Dubai, Cairo, San Francisco)
  • Our Cairo office is a large villa, with our own pool, and mango trees with an XBox zone, and a Ping-pong table 
  • All our salaries are paid in US Dollars
  • Stock options for all team members
  • Unlimited vacation, work from home
  • Schooling allowance for team members with children
  • Medical Insurance
  • In-house Catering service 
  • Working on the most challenging computational problems with the most advanced stack (Scala, Akka, Spark, Storm, Kafka, Kubernetes, and more)
  • Incredible hand-picked team, that is one of the most solid in Egypt.
  • An amazing culture to work in
  • Two patents in the fields of NLP and Deep learning



  • Automate everything.
  • Build a full CI/CD pipelines.
  • Architect auto-scaling infrastructure.
  • Capacity planning for high volume traffic.
  • Working very close with the developers to automate the development and build process.
  • Write internal tools to facilitate administration tasks.



  • Monitoring  (Prometheus, Grafana).
  • Cloud platforms (Azure, AWS and GCP).
  • Code management systems (Git).
  • Web/Application servers (Nginx, Apache).
  • Vagrant, Docker, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes ... etc.
  • Scripting (Bash,Python and Golang).
  • Data stores (MySQL, Elasticsearch, MongoDB and Postgres).
  • Logging (ELK stack and TICK stack) and log aggregations tools like (Sentry).
  • Configuration Management tools (Ansible).
  • Linux (Capability of work with all distributions).