People Operations Specialist

Job description

People Operations is where all the magic happens. We believe in human potential, and strive to make our Cognis' happiness our number 1 priority. In Cognitev our vision is to make the internet a better place, and we believe this will happen when our team feels comfortable and happy. We don't treat our team members as resources, we hate that term. Instead we treat them like rockstars. They are the most important part of our company's success. 


A People Operations Specialist (POPS) will be mainly responsible of everything related to our Cognis and will work side by side with the management to facilitate their journey on the Cognitev roller-coaster.

POPs main responsibilities will be:


- Working on maintaining a learning culture through encouraging both the learning & development. 

- Planning all engagement activities and team work events.

- Handling new team members on-boarding cycle.

- Handling exit process and work on its documentation.

- Responsible of all the internal communication.

- Provide any Cogni with needed support. 

- Ensure every Cogni has a well-thought Personal Development Plan

Who are we?

We're an elite team, one of a kind in the Middle East, and we're disrupting the marketing industry . Our team has won several awards and were mentioned in the world's biggest publications such as Forbes, TechCrunch, and more. 

We are on a mission to make the internet a better place by fixing (and changing) the way digital marketing works using Artificial Intelligence, and together we're changing the step at a time!

Why work with us?

Because we put people first!

Some of the benefits of working in Cognitev are:

  • Global company with offices around the world (Dubai, Cairo, London, San Francisco)
  • Our Cairo office is a large villa, with our own pool, and mango trees with an X-Box zone, and a Ping-pong table :) 
  • All our salaries are paid in US Dollars ($)
  • Stock options for all team members
  • Unlimited vacation, work from home
  • Schooling allowance for team members with children
  • Medical Insurance
  • In-house Catering service 
  • Incredible hand-picked team, that is one of the most solid in Egypt.
  • An amazing culture to work in
  • Global product being used by customers around the world (US, Europe, Asia, MENA)
  • And most important, we are changing the world, literally. 



- Perfect English.

- Excellent Communication skills.

- Very Good Time Management and Organization

- Flexible and open to new challenges 

- Preferably familiar with the Tech field 

- Required years of Experience from: 1-5 years of experience in the HR field

- Minimum education level required: Bachelor Degree

- Preferable to have a car